Materials: steel, ABS, PTE, PA
Dimensions: 86 x 64 x 49 mm | 33 x 25 x 19 inch


In collaboration with Tchai International, Studio Libertiny’s principal task was to design a comfortable conversation chair ideal for lounge areas or lobbies as well as homes and verandas. The Tchair was intended for both indoor and outdoor use.
The strategy was to use combination of flexible rigid parts that could adjust and shape under the body weight.

The almost medical approach in designing the seat and the backrest resulted in a wave-like surface. The idea of sitting in fresh snow that succumbs under the pressure and creates a cradle became a perfect analogy.

The curved surfaces were derived from multiple body casts which were subsequently sanded down to fit the majority.
The seat and the backrest are made of vacuum-formed thermoplastic. These form-locked shapes allowed for thinner plastic to be used. The result produced a bending effect. The elevated area at the front of the seat was intended to support inner thighs of crossed legs taking away the strain from the bottom leg. The angle of the seat in combination with the design of the form made the blood flow to the lower part of the legs unhinged. The comfort is not only a matter of pleasure but also that of our health.

The design of the metal frame is both structurally rigid and flexible. The mild swinging effect of the backrest frame is very soothing and allows for greater adjustment and movement while sitting down or standing up.

Studio's early design study